Postpartum Recovery Program

Recover from pregnancy and birth in just 20 minutes a day, in your own home so that you don’t have to fear peeing when you sneeze.

If you have recently given birth, or are about to, and have no idea where to start in your Postpartum journey to regain strength and confidence in your body – I get it!

Maybe you have heard countless stories (and jokes) about how you will pee when you sneeze, or all about “mom” butt and you are worried about this being your new reality.

I had no idea what I was in for when I gave birth at the end of 2022. I didn’t understand that you don’t just give birth and then go back to how things were before.

It took me a while to understand that pregnancy was a 9 month-long adjustment – birth was a big event – and after all that, my body would be so different.

I had developed the “mom-butt” – where had my glutes gone?

I struggled to do simple yoga movements that I never gave a single thought about pre-pregnancy.

And I ached all day. Backache, shoulder ache, joint pain.

I wanted to get back into exercises, I wanted to feel like myself again, and I had no idea how to do it!

After some searching and researching, I decided to study to become a pre and post-natal yoga instructor (pregnancy yoga had helped me so much in those 9 long months of expansion!)

In that course, I learnt how to help moms like you during pregnancy and postpartum.

I learnt about all the stuff that happens to your body when you are busy growing a human, and I learnt that there were ways to work to rebuild strength and confidence again.

After I qualified, I dove deeper into the Postpartum Period.

What was a mom going through, how could we support the healing and help get her feeling good in her body again?

Did you know that it’s not normal postpartum:

  • to pee when you sneeze.
  • or have painful sex.
  • constant back pain.
  • and all those things that moms seem to joke about after birth.
Or that your pelvic floor affects everything and you can have issues here no matter how you birthed?

And that you aren’t doomed to have a c-section shelf, or mommy tummy, or pancake butt just because you are a mom now?

I studied, researched, and experimented and I built this program while rebuilding my own body.

The at-home postpartum recovery program for moms from 6 weeks postpartum and beyond.

This program was born of my journey back to myself.

I worked hard, tried different exercises – and realised what it takes to find time for your workouts while raising a baby.

I found confidence in my very different body.

As a result, I found the strength to carry my 4.1kg (10 pounds) newborn who was gaining more weight every day.

My butt grew back.

And the aches and pains faded away. And I learn the cause behind the aches and pains.

I learnt about how many other moms (just like you) have the same aches, pains, and difficulties during their postpartum recovery.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

I created this 8-week Postpartum Recovery Program to help moms like you get back your strength and confidence.

To help moms like you stop the aches and pains.

And to not be afraid to sneeze!

It’s so much more nuanced than cardio, dieting and sit-ups!

No matter if you want to get back to your vinyasa flow yoga, running, tennis, or rock climbing.

Or if you just want to not feel so old and sore playing with your kid on the floor, or getting up off the couch…

We all have to start in the same place.

We all have to heal from pregnancy and birth.

This postpartum recovery program is here to kick-start that healing for you.

It’s here to help you with your recovery so that you can safely and effectively return to exercise, play with your baby and live your life feeling good!

I don’t just expect you to follow the program blindly either, I teach you about your body along the way so that you have the knowledge and power to recover from your unique pregnancy journey.

You will learn about the 4 most asked-about topics in the postpartum period:
  • Ab Separation (Diastasis Recti)
  • Pelvic Floor rehab
  • Returning to exercise
  • C-section-specific recovery tips

To make it as easy as possible, I recorded all the exercises you need to do so you can watch from anywhere (with captions because babies nap!)

What other moms have said about this program:

I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for the effort you have put into this whole experience; not only do you provide classes that are targeted to what we each are going through, but you also go that extra mile with the talks and the extra exercises!
I can definitely feel relief on my lower back and the sciatica, provided I do the stretches you gave me.... I started losing weight which brought up my confidence levels so much more, I even started wearing clothes I would never have expected to wear or even fit me again.
I found the talk really reassuring. I assumed ab separation was only in cases of C Section and I felt guilty every time I couldn’t work out as I had planned, thinking I’m going to “get it”. Knowing it’s just a natural part of pregnancy, it happens to everyone and it’s a matter of extent is such a relief. Also knowing the body works to heal itself - over months - not weeks - is something I’m going to keep reminding myself.

If you are expecting a quick fix, a fast way to a 6 pack, or the magic solution to all your postpartum woes – then this is not for you.

This program is for the mom who wants to feel her best so that she can live her best. And she is willing to put in the effort to achieve these results.

The program is accessible entirely online from a computer, phone or tablet.

It’s easy to follow and do in your own home, no equipment is needed!

On top of that, it can be done with your baby next to you. (I built and recorded it with my baby right there so I can attest to this one!)

This program doesn’t encourage you to diet, do 100 sit-ups a day, or insane amount of cardio.

It is a gentle program built to slowly help you heal and recover your strength over time.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the program after joining, you can request a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

What is included

  • ✨ An 8-week rehab workout guide to help you help your body recover from Pregnancy and birth.
  • ✨ Focus on your core, posture, and strength.
  • ✨ Videos explaining each exercise. Easy to use with your baby right next to you (I did it all with my baby with me).
  • ✨ Access to pre-recorded talks on Diastasis Recti, Pelvic floor and C-section recovery.
  • ✨ Access to a talk on Returning to Your Regular Exercise.
  • ✨ Access to a private Facebook group. Where you can ask your questions, connect with other moms, and share your wins.
  • ✨ You will have lifetime access to the videos and any updates going forward. So you can return to the exercises anytime from anywhere for all subsequent pregnancies.


  • ✨ 8 recordings of 60min Postpartum Yoga classes to accompany your journey
  • ✨ A 20-minute seated yoga class for you to do at your desk
  • ✨ A 15-minute Restorative wall yoga class to help you find a quiet moment back to you

Ready to sign up?

  • For just R777 you get access to the whole program for life (including all future updates and additions)

*payment plans are available on request. Please contact me if you would like to arrange one.

Here is why I know this program works:

for some background, a highlight reel from my pregnancy includes:

Going from this size to this.

Chronic back pain starting in the first trimester – needing regular prescription pain meds. Resulting in a 2-night stay in hospital at 24 weeks due to being unable to walk.

Needing to be tapped in my 3rd trimester to function

An unplanned c-section that threw me into a recovery from a surgery I had not prepared for at all!

With this exact program and knowledge, I recovered from my pregnancy and birth feeling stronger and more capable than before.

And thus far have avoided the same pregnancy complications in my second pregnancy!

(I am in my 2nd trimester as I write this. No back pain, a smaller bump, and the ability to carry my now 12kg child around with minimal problems! – at this point last time I was already on prescription meds for pain.)

It is with confidence that I can say this program works!

This program makes a difference where you need it most.

It sets you up for living life as a mom, not just getting through.


How soon after birth can I start?

As long as your doctor has cleared you for exercise postpartum you can join!

The exercises I provide are safe and effective for postpartum bodies. I keep in mind how your body changes through pregnancy and make sure we don’t do damage while trying to get strong.

I had a C-Section, is this program safe for me?

100%! I am a c-section mom myself, and these are the exact exercises that I used to reconnect to my body post-birth.

Is it too late for me to start a Post Partum Program?

Never! The postpartum period doesn’t just end at a specific week after your child is born.
Research on the health of women after childbirth supports rethinking the scope and duration of maternal health.
Suggesting we push postpartum care and support to 1 year after delivery.

I have worked with moms from 6 weeks to a few years after their babies were born.

Suppose you feel that your body hasn’t recovered from pregnancy and birth. If your lower back pain never went away, or you never found your connection to your core again then this program is for you. If you still aren’t sure, message me to chat further about where you are and if this program is right for you.

Have a question not answered here?

Please send me a message here so tht I can get back to you asap!

Hi, I’m Ashleigh.

Pre & Post Natal Yoga Instructor,

Educator, and Mom

Pregnancy and birth changed my life, and after going through what I went through I am on a mission to help moms have the best experience possible on their Mother’s Journey.

I teach prenatal classes weekly and have a passion for healing in the postpartum period.

The postpartum period is the time when moms need support the most.

I believe that conscious mothers can change the world one baby at a time.

That the most impactful thing I can dedicate myself to is supporting, helping, and educating mothers so that they have the tools to be the best mom version of themselves they can be.

Each of us are unique superwoman, and we need support and encouragement throughout this journey.

I hope to start a ripple of healing with my drop in the ocean of impact.

One mother, and one baby at a time.


Ready to sign up?

For just R777

you get access to the whole program for life (including all future updates and additions)

*payment plans are available on request. Please contact me if you would like to arrange one.